From photographer to filmmaker: shooting with photo cameras



In a 1-2 day video-course, we deal with all the elements which a professional movie should include step by step. How do i best organize my camera? Which settings, which objectives, which equipment do i use for which scene? How do I tell, create and cut my story? And how do I succeed to make it look like in the cinema? Together we plan, shoot and edit a short film.

How much Spielberg do you have in you?

Marketing without moving images is nothing which should be used today anymore. However, not every professional film is affordable for everyone. Learn how to take over yourself and create videos for social media on a regular basis. Also photographers who want to open new fields of business, this workshop is suitable. Let yourself be inspired by best-practice examples, learn from an experienced filmmaker and integrate your knowledge about films into your business. Become your own director and create your own films!

All footage in this video is shot with smartphones.

Cinematic looks made by you!

Use the potential of your camera.

Either travel reports, documentations, blog-entries, wedding videos or movies: single-lens-reflex cameras don´t only take pictures but also produce videos in high quality! Today it is possible to create professional cinema-style films for little money. new cameras impress with 4K, incredible slow-motion, high image rates and luminosity. A new sector has been revolutionized  with these new cameras and it has never been that easy to create cinematic (TV-)images. Compact, affordable and easy…only if you know how. A DSLR is like a Ferrari (but not as expensive). It is very efficient, complex and has to be tamed. A good, educated cameraman can make as nice films with this equipment as a classic broadcast team with equipment worth much more.

It is therefore not a question of technology but it depends on the person behind the camera. In this video course you learn all the relevant aspects of a film production: from the concept to the production, the post production and the distribution. Easy, compact and practical. The workshops are adequate for everyone who is passionate about filming, especially those working in the PR- and HR-sectors, media agencies photographers and single persons. The seminars mostly last 1-3 days from 10-5:30 with breaks in between. Attendance numbers are limited to 10 people. Workshops for single persons or Webinars are also possible when asked for. The video-course for photographers is 750 Euros per workshop per day (excl. VAT.)

Learn how to shoot and edit professionally
Profit from the personal feedback
Maximum of success with the help of exercises
We help you to produce your own video content
Learn the do's & don'ts and get helpful tipps


How do I use my camera correctly?
How do I set up my camera? (ISO, Shutter, Aperture etc.)
What are the strengths and weaknesses of my camera?
Which lenses and equipment do I need?
Do’s and Don’ts
5-Shot technique
How do I tell my story?
Tension curve
How do I plan and organize my projects?
Organizational, technical and legal aspects.
How do I create a concept, treatment or storyboard?
Dos and Don’ts while doing interviews and how do I ask good questions?
Exercise 1: Shooting together using the 5-shot-technique
Holding the camera, tips and tricks
Manual audio-settings and lightening
Exercise 2: Interview or voice over with cut-aways/b-roll
Introduction into iMovie (iOS) and/or Adobe Premiere, FilmoraGo, Kinemaster (android)
Theory and exercise in editing
Editing video and audio, interviews, titles, color-correction; Re-frame, stabilize & export your footage
Adding subtitles and professional templates for Facebook and Instagram
Adding professional, royalty free music
How do I create a voiceover?
Screening & Feedback