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We are telling stories,
not fairytales!

About us

We are a group of creative minds with long-standing experience in the sector of TV- and Promotion. No adventure is too challenging, no project too small to tackle. We are close by, where others are far off.

As a Full-Service Film-production, we are accompanying You through every single step along the way and create customized concepts: starting with classic Image-films and innovative Documentaries, we also offer Event-Reports as well as Photos and Animations of various kinds.


Promotional films 2.0 have to clever & creative as well as look good. FILMFALT is always a direct part of the people and their stories. Terms, such as emotional, candid and multilayered, mirror our concept and our ambition, since only movies who convey true emotions have a true meaning.

Therefore, FILMFALT tells stories, not fairytales!

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Filmproduction á la carte

Our products

Visualize the FILMFALT products as if they were part of a menu: You can either order a 6-course-menu or only have some starters. Our goal ist to hit your taste which is why we are happy to advise you in during free briefing with us. Our chefs  gladly and eagerly prepare a customized menu and guide you through every phase during the project. From the first ideas of the concept until the finished film and further.

We do not serve tasteless ideas, you should be as satisfied as possible and at the same time, our prices are affordable with quality products for everyone. Through working cooperatively with great expertise , advanced equipment and total commitment, we achieve our goals. We make sure for you to have a professional, reliable and rapid production. The FILMFALT-menu offers the following delicacies…

Movies, as colorful as life itself!

Our films