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We are a group of creative minds with long-standing experience in the sector of TV- and Promotion. No adventure is too challenging, no project too small to tackle. We are close by, where others are far off.

As a Full-Service Film-production, we are accompanying You through every single step along the way and create customized concepts: starting with classic Image-films and innovative Documentaries, we also offer Event-Reports as well as Photos and Animations of various kinds.


Promotional films 2.0 have to clever & creative as well as look good. FILMFALT is always a direct part of the people and their stories. Terms, such as emotional, candid and multilayered, mirror our concept and our ambition, since only movies who convey true emotions have a true meaning.

Therefore, FILMFALT tells stories, not fairytales!

years of
terabyte of
Filmproduction á la carte

Our products

Visualize the FILMFALT products as if they were part of a menu: You can either order a 6-course-menu or only have some starters. Our goal ist to hit your taste which is why we are happy to advise you in during free briefing with us. Our chefs  gladly and eagerly prepare a customized menu and guide you through every phase during the project. From the first ideas of the concept until the finished film and further.

We do not serve tasteless ideas, you should be as satisfied as possible and at the same time, our prices are affordable with quality products for everyone. Through working cooperatively with great expertise , advanced equipment and total commitment, we achieve our goals. We make sure for you to have a professional, reliable and rapid production. The FILMFALT-menu offers the following delicacies…

Movies, as colorful as life itself!

Our films

Our strenghts

Your benefits

    FILMFALT – a filmboutique.

    We are you One-Stop-Shop for various areas of visual communication. Working for one single brand, we can offer a grand variety of services in order to successfully transform your advertising messages into films, graphic animations or photos. By doing this, we move forward strategically and look at your message holistically.

    You would like to take pictures of your staff members or take professional photo shoots of your company? No problem! Why do we not use Synergies and bring along our professional photographer to the film shootings? Furthermore, since we are already with you, why do we not take breathtaking pictures from above with the help of our drone.

    Would you rather tell your story with animations? Luckily, we have an amazing graphic designer working in our network. We would be happy to guide you through the various kinds of film and help you choose the one which fits best for you and your message. Our movies are not only nice to watch…they make sense and fulfill a specific purpose. This is why are happy to define your personal requirements, your target group and the role of your advert-strategy together with you in an active process for the best outcome possible.

    Our strengths: Strategy & Concept, Production & Post-processing under one umbrella-brand.

    Service is not a projekt, service is an attitude.

    We are trustworthy and ever-present. Your personal producer advises and accompanies you every step of the way, from the first draft to the finished film. We are listening and personally deal with your needs – customer service is our priority. This builds up confidence and ensures an efficient workflow.

    We are taking time for you. We do not deliver conveyer belt produced goods but individualized quality products. We make films which though the heart and stay in peoples´ minds.

    Our strengths: Counseling and support throughout every phase of the project. From brainstorming to production meetings until the premiere. This is how your Full Care-Package looks like.

    It’s great, to be small!

    We are usually working as a small team in order to be as hidden as possible throughout the shoot. With a lot of empathy and instinctive feeling, we create a smooth atmosphere for the protagonists which helps develop magical authentic moments. This is then definitely visible in the end product since our films feature distinctive but coherent imagery and contain a clear common theme. Our films are not plain products but productions with a human touch to it. They are touching, real and very close to the people and the story. Additionally, our gentle way of producing ist faster and essentially cheeper than the one of conventional film-productions.

    Our strengths: Flexible and straight forward methods and a respectful, empathic approach.

    We are going the extra mile, coz we love what we do!

    We admit, we are film freaks, technology nerds and perfectionists. We are in fire for our films and we put all of our hearts into your project. We are constantly searching for the perfect shoot and the perfect cut. We are working meticulously, we are trying to develop and improve the best way of satisfying you as our clients. We are not stopping until the best film possible has been finished. Your film. Sometimes we are going crazy, however, in the end, it has always been worth it since a happy client is our main priority.

    Doing films is not a job, it is a passion! We love what we do! What we mean by this? You will realize it once we have met. Promise. In our BLOG, you can read about why and how we do what we love.


    The value of videos for your company.

    Your film as a marketing-booster

    of all companies

    use films in order to promote their services. With the help of high quality videos you create a better image, the attention of people will increase and you will therefore receive a larger range. 4 times as many clients prefer watching a video about a product than talking about it and 50% rather read an E-mail it contains a link for a video.*

    of all B2B-Marketer

    think that videos significantly increase the conversion rate and represent an effective marketing tool. Films help sell more. According to a study by Forbes, the willingness to buy a product increases by 64% with visitors who saw a video. Transform visitors of your homepage into future clients, with the help of professional videos.*

    of all users

    claim to watch online videos. More than half wish for additional video content. This shows once more that professional videos are loved! Even by Google since online videos increase the traffic and the length of stay of potential clients on your Homepage. Search engines reward this with a better ranking*

    of all customers

    would like to watch videos which are interesting and have a high quality. Clients love high quality videos! But caution: a poor film results in a negative image for your company with a number of 62%of users. Not everybody who can handle a camera, can produce valuable films. Here is where we come in. With us, you are in good hands. Guaranteed!

    A film - the best business card for your company!

    Why you need an advertise film?

    Being in good hands...with our freelancers

    Our team

    Florian Platter
    Founder & CEO of FILMFALT Media Filmmaker & Lecturer
    Maximilian Hödl
    Filmmaker & Lecturer
    Christoph Wisser
    Photographer & Filmmaker
    Vera Mayrhofer
    Graphic & Animation
    The best publicity is a satisfied customer!

    Our clients

    Feedback from our clients...

    Customer reviews

    Amazing impressions, atmospheres and comments.
    The video says more than a thousand words. - Fun, motivation, community and self-confidence. Watching the video, I almost teared up.
    IT-company, Vienna
    Gooseflesh and emotion and you exactly hit the themes of the strategy!!!
    Thank you for this amazing experience & the outstanding cooperation. I can only assume how much work you put into these spots - and really feel what filmmaking really means to you.
    Austrian NGO
    I feel the need to congratulate you. We have been working a lot already with different Video-Teams, however, it has never been as relaxed as with Florian. His personality helped the protagonists working in front of the camera a lot. Additionally, it was possible for us to almost fit the entire project into the planned time frame, thanks to his brilliant working methods.
    Media Agency, Vienna
    Thank you so much for getting involved and listening so closely to us and out needs. Florian was extremely sensitive when dealing with the clients and gave us enough space to also bring in our own ideas. It has never worked out this well to display our work!
    Social Service, Vienna
    Huge compliment! Very carefully filmed and cut, it was extremely emotional and dignified. The film gave the impression of being close by!
    Media Agency, Vienna


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