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Employer branding video


Employer branding is a strategic method in order to present your company as an attractive employer and to differentiate it from the competition. The goal is a steady increase of staff members, a stronger connection with them, an increase in motivation as well as an improvement of the image of the company.

Find the right staff members!

In our employer-branding video, YOU get a chance to speak. We believe that your team members are the most important brand ambassadors. During the interview, they talk about their job, the different areas they work in, their daily routine and in the end also bring in some personal and authentic details from behind the curtains of your company. The Interview is loosened up by using various images which show how well members of the company work together. With dynamic images and modern story telling, we tell your story and make your products and the people behind them accessible. This way, we convey more than just facts. Stories stick, they inform and trigger emotions and interest. Increase your attraction as an employer and be the first choice for potential staff members.

In times of a certain scarcity of staff members and the so-called fight for talents, a specific, sustainable and differentiable communication is crucial. Expensive print advertisements, slogans and challenging information days are often not sufficient. Especially with younger people, old-fashioned PH-strategies are out of date. Everything which smells like advertisements is something Millenials don´t like. Companies need a brand which is straight forward or a strategic employer branding. This is how you sustainably improve your image. You stress the strengths and features of your company and show what your company is about to the in- and outside. Increase the interest in young talents, show them what you are about and why they should choose you.

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The goal of an employer branding-film is the sustainable optimization of recruiting staff members, of having a positive relationship with them as well as improving the image of the company.


Employer branding-films are mostly done for social-media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), however, they should also be used on platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn, etc. and on your Homepage. The target group is potential applicants, talents („high potentials“) and staff members.


Employer branding-films are relatively easy to do when it comes to production and cut. The price depends on the number of films and if they follow the given concept. More videos come with a cheaper prize.


This is how your employer branding-film could look like!

Ask for free consulting.


The process of your film production


Competent. Customer oriented. Free.

In an extensive conversation, we always work out the main content, the format and the message of your film, together with you as the client. We inform you about the different options and help you decide which type of film fits best your message.

After this, we put together a free and non-binding offer.


Creative. Love for Details. Perfectionist.

We straighten, we polish, we bring it to perfection. We use a little magic in order to finish the perfect cut, to find the appropriate music, to create a real WOW-animation and find this one epic color look. All of this is done, in order to amaze our audience at the end of the production!

Ps.: In case you need a quick fix, we also offer express-cuts (Same-day edits) for a small additional fee.


Individual. Informative. Iterative.

After having defined your aim, we directly translate your main messages into a detailed concept. By doing this, the content, the structure, the style of the movie and the tonality will be specifically tailored to your target group.

In this iterative process, we would like to include you. We listen to your needs and advance to the perfect story.


Quick. Reliable. Service-oriented.

After finishing the edit, the audio and the graphic design, we directly deliver (send) you the finished product. You can now review it and give feedback twice, which we will incorporate into the final film for free.

Ps.: Within 10+ years of experience, we have always stuck to deadlines. We are reliable!


Professional. Flexible. Passionate.

Our professional cameramen and -women draw attention to your company, your products or your events. This process is done quickly, discrete and uncomplicated. We work with small teams, which guide you through the whole process with empathy and great engagement. We walk the extra-mile for you, promise!

Highly modern technology, expertise and a feeling for great and extraordinary images, we make sure that everything is perfectly wrapped up!


Get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

Proudly, we send you the digital movie in a professional format, already optimized for your social media. If you would like to have a hard copy in form of DVD, Blue-Ray-Discs or DCP-files, we are happy to do that for a small additional fee.

We also save your films for you in our archive which allows us to reuse the footage. The entire project will then be saved as an additional copy on Backupcap, since we take data privacy very seriously.

You have not found the appropriate kind of film?