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„Do good and talk about it“. This common phrase specifically counts for charities and aid organizations. Nowadays, a professional project documentation or a fund raising film is a must for public relations work of NGOs. FILMFALT Media has specialized in social topics – films with a human touch – since it corresponds with out our personal- and film-style. NGO-Films are always close to our hearts!

We are proud to be allowed to actively co-create visual communication of the most important aid organizations. We produce authentic films. Important films. Films close to the heart. For Caritas, WWF, Care International, Ärzte ohne Grenzen, Hilfswerk International, Licht für die Welt and much more.

With instinctive feeling we are close to the people, listen closely to their stories and tell emotional stories. This is our demand! Use the potential of the videos for a professional NGO-Communication!


From A – like awareness spot, to T – like talking heads: the strategic use of videos has, for NGOs especially, an enormous relevance. Your video content leads to an increased exposure, a higher conversion-rate and a greater interaction. In addition, you can reach more people who donate, by reaching them not only with facts and figures but more importantly through emotions!

Furthermore it is clear that your potential donors want to know what they donate for and what happens with their money. With a video you can specifically answer those and other questions. It increases your transparency and raises the motivation of your audience to donate. Make your crucial work visible and show your target group what your most important topics and projects are!

WWF, Save the children or Caritas, a lot of aid agencies have a professional Corporate Identity. This shows that a thought-through video strategy is important for a successful visual-communication. It starts with small things such as coherent graphics, but also consists of a strong visual language, coherent topics and professional pictures and edits.

FILMFALT Media develops in cooperation with the NGO-Professionals of Cornucopia your content strategy. From daily news and video blogs to high-end fundraising spots. Together, we define the perfect format, optimize your Social Media Channels, formulate your key massages and transform all of this into informative and emotional stories.

high exposure
increased interaction
greater willingness to donate
ideal for delivering your key-messages
effective verification for where the donations go



„NGO-Films“ show your aid project, give an authentic insight into the respective countries, let the beneficiares tell their stories and deliver information from their local partners. Most important is that social movies pierce people to their heart. Emotional, close by and authentic!


There are numerous possibilities to use „NGO-Films“ successfully and targeted for the visual communication of your aid organization: Project documentaries, awareness-campaigns, fundraising-spots and much more. This can be shown on your personal Homepage, on Social Media, on Tv or in the cinema. The footage can later on be used to create different versions without many additional costs. This way, you always have the perfect film for different occasions.


„NGO-Films“ can vary – short fundraising spots or long project documentaries abroad. The budget is therefore highly individual and dependent on many different factors (production, number of shooting days and films, music, images, length, media etc.)


This is how your social films could look like!