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Social Media Campaign


Modern marketing without social media video – campaigns is not possible anymore nowadays.

Either YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn: the majority of the companies understood the importance of moving images for their social networks. This makes us happy. But even more important: professional, useful and regular video contents has major advantages for our business. The chance for people come across your website is 70 percent higher when there is video content. This is how advertisement is done today… with (online)videos!

We analyze, plan, optimize and work together with you on a successful video strategy. Our goal: The perfect video presentation for you!


You should be where your target group is. Sounds logic. But you should also speak the language of your target group in order for them to hear you. Especially the younger audience reacts to everything which smells like advertisement. Often, they refuse to listen to anything close to old-fashioned TV-ads. The world is ready for the creative, unconventional minds of today. What does it mean? On the one hand, they care about the FORM. It is not possible to copy and paste the old world of advertisements on the new form of digital media. Every platform has its own form, function and image-language. Also, it has its own demography and audience. This is why you should always think about the users and what they like. On the other hand, they care about the CONTENT. Online, content is still the king! Always ask yourself why your video has the extra something and why it should be shared.

How can my video campaign trigger emotions and interactions with my recipients? Since people have an attendance span of 8 seconds and normally there is a flood of information online, your video needs something special to catch the attention of the users. Lastly, they care about the right strategy. Without a plan, there is no success. The base of a successful content marketing strategy is the strategic planning of a video campaign, of the goals and the identification of the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Every video campaign is customized for your company. Either you want to increase the sales, the range of your business or the customers on your wesite, we are working on the perfect content strategy together with you.

greater range
higher interaction
higher traffic for your website
efficient branding
efficient communication of your goals



A social media campaign includes strategic methods which companies use social media and video platforms. The goal is to communicate the main message of your business and improve interactions with your users.


Social Media campaigns are, as the name already gives it away, thought to be used in your social media channels (Facebook, YouTube), should, however, also be used for job platforms (Xing, LinkedIn) and your website.


Social media campaigns are very challenging, not only in the concept phase but also in the pre and post-phase of the project. The prize is therefore very individual and dependent on many different factors (extend of the campaign, production effort, number of shooting days etc.)

Let’s make great video content together!

This is how your social media campaign could look like!

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The process of your film production


Competent. Customer oriented. Free.

In an extensive conversation, we always work out the main content, the format and the message of your film, together with you as the client. We inform you about the different options and help you decide which type of film fits best your message.

After this, we put together a free and non-binding offer.


Creative. Love for Details. Perfectionist.

We straighten, we polish, we bring it to perfection. We use a little magic in order to finish the perfect cut, to find the appropriate music, to create a real WOW-animation and find this one epic color look. All of this is done,  in order to amaze our audience at the end of the production!

Ps.: In case you need a quick fix, we also offer express-cuts (Same-day edits) for a small additional fee.


Individual. Informative. Iterative.

After having defined your aim, we directly translate your main messages into a detailed concept. By doing this, the content, the  structure, the style of the movie and the tonality will be specifically tailored to your target group.

In this iterative process, we would like to include you. We listen to your needs and advance to the perfect story.


Quick. Reliable. Service-oriented.

After finishing the cut, the audio and the g