Shoot & edit with your smartphone!

Smartphone Video Course


Did you know that nowadays advertisements, TV-pieces and even entire movies are shot with a phone in high quality? Bentley, BBC or ÖBB: all of them integrate smartphone-films successfully into their business communication. Feed your social media with recent authentic quality content.

Up-to-date, Affordable, easy.

We always have our smartphones with us and sometimes overlook that we can use it for much more than calling someone. It contains a quality-camera and a cheap marketing tool. It is easy to handle. You only need to know how.

Use the power of storytelling!

Inform or entertain your customers. Give them insight and let them see behind the curtains. Present your business, your event or your product. Put your company in the best light. Tell the story yourself.

All footage in this video is shot with smartphones.


Nowdays smartphone-videos are an important aspect of business communication 2.0. Become your own director and create your online communication. In a seminar of 1-3 days you can learn the fundamentals for the creation of high-quality phone-films. The workshop is customizes and contains planning, creating, producing and post-producing professional videos. Compact, up-to-date and  practical.

Our workshops are suitable for everyone, but especially for those working in the PR- and HR-sectors, media agencies and photographers. The seminars mostly last 1-3 days from 10am -5:30pm with breaks in between. Attendance numbers are limited to 10 people. Workshops for single persons or Webinars are also possible when asked for. The smartphone video course is 750 Euros per workshop per day (excl. VAT.)

Learn how to shoot and edit professionally
Profit from the personal feedback
Maximum of success with the help of exercises
We help you to produce your own video content
Learn the do's & don'ts and get helpful insider-tipps


What can or can´t my phone do?
How do I film correctly?
Which apps and gadgets do I need?
Do it yourself or ask someone – when do you need a professional videographer?
Check out the possibilities and boundaries of self-made media content?
Do’s and Don’ts
5-Shot technique
How do I tell my story?
Tension curve
How do I plan and organize my projects?
Organizational, technical and legal aspects.
How do I create a concept, treatment or storyboard?
Dos and Don’ts while doing interviews and how do I ask good questions?
Exercise 1: Shooting together using the 5-shot-technique
Holding the camera, tips and tricks
Manual audio-settings and lightening
Exercise 2: Interview or voice over with cut-aways/b-roll
Introduction into iMovie (iOS) and/or Adobe Premiere, FilmoraGo, Kinemaster (android)
Theory and exercise in editing
Editing video and audio, interviews, titles, color-correction; Re-frame, stabilize & export your footage
Adding subtitles and professional templates for Facebook and Instagram
Adding professional, royalty free music
How do I create a voiceover?
Screening & Feedback
Concept, Composition & Storytelling for Social-Media
Which formats for which platform?
Which content is useful for my business?
How do I post something correctly?
Dos & Don’ts Social Media Video Marketing
Tools for professional “Inhouse-Production”
Recommended equipment: cameras and tripods
Correct use of light
Correct use of sound
Lenses and affordable additional equipment